How to Pack Your Best Suitcase

The day is almost here! You are about to leave for you big audition, summer festival, or young artist program, but how do you pack? Here are some tips and tricks for making packing and traveling as easy as can be.


Luggage Options 

A singer’s choice in luggage is based on many factors: duration of the trip, means of transportation, purpose of travel, among other things. Here are some of my favorite luggage choices for singers: 


This garment bag functions as a rolling suitcase, meets airline carry-on restrictions, and can fit enough clothes for a seven-day trip!


REI Co-op Muy Grande Shower Kit

This cosmetic bag has a plethora of pockets and a separate rollaway bag to keep makeup palettes safe. Bonuses include a compact mirror and hook to hang the bag in the bathroom.


CIAO! 20'' Hardside Spinner Luggage

Anyone who travels frequently needs a sturdy, compact suitcase to bring along. A hard case bag is a smart option as it prevents damage to the items inside the bag. Try to choose a bright or uniquely colored bag so you can quickly identify it.


Pack your music in your carry-on! 

Nothing is worse than getting off a plane and realizing your suitcase never made it on the plane with you. Especially if it holds your performance clothes, shoes, and music. Play it safe by using a garment bag as your carry-on and slipping your rep binder into the bag. 


No More Tangled Necklaces 

Store jewelry in a seven-day plastic pill box to keep necklaces from getting tangled and earring pairs together, or feed your necklace through a straw to keep from tangling with itself!


Shower Cap Shoes

Pull a shower cap over the soles of your shoes so they won't get dirt all over everything in your bag. Shower caps can also be looped around bottles of shampoo or sunscreen to avoid leaks on your wardrobe. 


Check the Weather

Make sure you know what the weather is going to be like at your destination. Although this fact may not change your performance wear very much, it will affect everything else you pack. Layers are always a good idea! Use a raincoat as your outer-most layer for extra protection and convenience. 


Roll Your Clothes

Rolling wrinkle-resistant clothes is one of the easiest ways to conserve space in your suitcase and keep outfits together. Lay your clothes flat on your bed with a pair of pants, folded lengthwise, as your base. On top of the pants place a shirt, underwear, socks, bra, and anything else you may need. Roll the pants from the hem up, creating a small bundle and loop an elastic band or a hair tie to keep it condensed. 


Now get packing!

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