Stay Cute and Cozy: Ways to Wear Leggings like a Young Professional

With each passing day, the air grows chillier and the ground harder. The evenings smell of firewood and pumpkin-spiced-everything. Autumn is finally here and, with it, the stress of the semester and audition season. Stay cozy on the days you would rather crawl back into bed by thoughtfully and strategically styling your leggings!


1. Athleisure

The first option is perhaps the most obvious. Go full athleisure! Athletic stores like Lululemon, Fabletics, and Athleta are majorly trending, and gym clothes sans-gym are at an all-time high. Pair the look with a statement tote bag and a pair of oversized sunglasses, or swap the sneakers for a pair of fashionable slip-ons. You can also throw a leather jacket over a cropped sweatshirt, as this singer does in the picture below, or hide second-day hair under a stylish cap. This look is perfect for staging rehearsal as it gives you a full range of motion and you can slip a rehearsal skirt right over your yoga pants!

Lynn, 20 - soprano • source: pinterest

2. Layered

Layering is the perfect option for the singer who loves to stay cozy, or who cannot just choose one thing to wear! Layer up with scarves, vests, jackets, sweaters... whatever your heart desires! Don't forget to fight the cold with your big blanket scarf and travel mug. Bonus points to the diva who's comfortable tucking her leggings into a pair of boots or booties - keeping her warm and dry from from matinee to Massenet

Sarah, 22 - soprano • Selena, 20 - soprano

3. With a Dress!

This look is perfect for the diva who is feminine, flirty, and fun! Throw on a dress you would normally find too short and pair it with leggings for modesty, or re-accessorize a dress normally reserved for the warmer weather. For a chilly fall day, wear a chunky knit cardigan and scarf, as shown in the first image below. Or, for a more refined style, wear with a structured coat or blazer! For other ways to style summer pieces, check out our article Making It Work: How to Wear Summer Clothes in Fall!

source: pinterest • source: pinterest

4. Unconventional Leggings

Lighten up your day (and everyone else's) by mixing a fun pair of leggings with polished pieces from your closet. Mix a sophisticated button down or blazer with wild leggings, or a leather jacket with geometric or paneled leggings with cutouts for major cool-girl vibes. This look is for the brave at heart!


Susy, 25 - soprano • Linda, 21 - mezzo

Fashion yourself a cozy diva on the go? Did we miss anything? Share your photos with us and use #singeronthego or #modernsingermagazine!

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