Making It Work: How to Wear Summer Clothes in Fall

As the weather starts to cool down for autumn, we'll be searching for the ever elusive "transitional clothing" for rehearsals, auditions, or just life. Do we really have to buy a whole separate wardrobe for a season that's notoriously inconsistent? Not necessarily. As long as we're creative, autumn means getting to wear your favorite clothes from all the other seasons in combinations! Of course, we all know to swap our sandals for pumps or booties, add tights or leggings, and  layer a cute jacket. Aside from these tricks, what else can we do to help make the clothes we have work for us?


Every Day and Rehearsal Options

Cardigans are a staple for any transitional wardrobe, and they can be worn with both casual and dressy outfits. I love this one because of the fun pattern. It's perfect for those solid t-shirts and dresses you'd like to bring into autumn. A fun pattern can dress up that t-shirt enough to make a good impression at first rehearsals. Cardigans are so versatile that you can pair them with any range of shoes from boots to converse to pumps!


Ponchos are great for the warmer days when you'd like a litte cover but don't want to suffocate. They're also perfect when you really want to wear your new boots, but it's too hot for sweaters. The best part? They're easy to move in, so rehearsals are no trouble!


Button down tops can be thrown on top of casual shirts and dresses. You can tie them higher like this photo to create an empire waist effect, or you can leave them open. Button down tops can also add pattern and texture to an outfit. I love the lace detail on this top!


When the weather cools down further, sweaters are great to layer over dresses and tops from your summer wardrobe. Your favorite sundress can be worn year-round when paired with a sweater like this one, tights, and boots. This trick is one of my favorite ways to make my summery clothes work during winter.


Auditions, Concerts, and More

Formal shrugs and boleros can make any strapless or sleeveless dress work for autumn. When it's chillier, you can add tights and boots. The short sleeves on this one are also great for early autumn when it's still farily warm.

Lace is always a safe bet. Try Sleevey Wonders underneath your dress, or find a cute lace top to wear the same way you would a sweater to get this look. I like lace because it adds texture to your outfit. I'm a fan of the black on black, but you could also pair something like this with color!


For formal events and performances, a wrap is my favorite look. The wrap in this photo adds so much drama to the sleeveless black dress, and it livens the whole look. Formal gowns can be tough to transition because cardigans just don't quite match, but a wrap like this one works wonders.


With all these options, there's no reason to spend money on a new wardrobe to get you through transitional weather. Instead, wear your beloved wardrobe staples year round! We already have enough expenses during fall with the audition costs. What's your favorite way to pull off your favorite summer outfits in autumn?

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