Fall Fashion – Affordable & Chic

Fall is upon us, and just because we will be dressing for the cooler weather doesn’t mean we can’t be stylish. The predicted trends are full of fun prints, textures, and colors that are perfect for the season. As a singer, most of us probably can’t afford the designer brands, but that shouldn’t stop us from dressing like the fab divas we are. Here are some products that will keep you on budget and fashionable.



This amazing and ultra-flattering hue was all over the runaways for fall. This color was most prominently featured monochromatically, which makes a powerful and bold statement. You can incorporate red into your wardrobe however you would like with one piece, an accessory, or all out head to toe.

Zara Jumpsuit with Bow - $79.90

This jumpsuit helps you pull off the monochromatic look without having to match your reds - though they certainly don’t need to match. It’s a strong piece that is versatile and comfortable for different settings. It would be great to wear to auditions with some subdued accessories or you can jazz it up with loud jewelry for a night on the town. Be sure to check out my article Jump on it: The Jumpsuit Trend for tips on how to pull off a jumpsuit.


Glitter Boots

Omg what an awesome trend! These boots were everywhere on the runways in just about every color and texture of glitter. It’s a great way to show off your personality and wonderful sense of style. By keeping the glitter on your feet, you can be a tiny bit more subtle about your love for all things shiny. Incorporate glitter boots into your outfits either by going loud to match the shoes or keeping everything else simple to let the boots shine (literally).

ASOS Office Amber Silver Glitter Chelsea Boots - $53.50 (on sale)

I love these boots because they allow you to be trendy without being too in-your-face. The shorter boot style along with the studded black inserts help keep them from being overwhelmingly glittery. I envision these paired with an all-black outfit that would be great for the daytime or the evening, but you could totally rock these with some jeans, too.



Western influence actually started showing up last spring, but its popularity has trickled into the fall runways. There are so many ways you can incorporate Western style into your wardrobe, whether it be with articles of clothes, accessories, or even how you style your pieces.

Free People Road to Cali Turquoise Knockers - $48 

Free People Desert Dweller Stone Pendant - $38

Boots and jeans are forever popular, especially in this season, but try incorporating some chic Western-inspired jewelry like these earrings and/or necklace. I like to think of turquoise jewelry as a neutral, so you can easily pair these with multiple outfits. Spice up your audition wear with these statement pieces or dress it down with a t-shirt and jeans for rehearsal. You can’t go wrong styling with these!



First of all, that dress! I am dying over it. Second, who doesn’t love a good plaid or tartan for fall? Plaid is always popular this time of year, but the runways were going with a more 70s tartan vibe. Think a little more vintage for this trend. If you haven’t already, try any version of this pattern whether it be plaid, gingham, or tartan, and you will be on trend.

Unique Vintage Hell Bunny 1950s Navy Blue Tartan 3/4 Sleeve Hamilton Pencil Dress - $55 (on sale)

Luckily, tartan can be integrated into your wardrobe through a variety of pieces: dresses, tops, pants, bags, jackets, and so on. This dress is perfect for fall with the slightly heavier material and ¾ sleeves. It’s a great work dress that allows you to show off your curves and heat things up while it’s getting colder outside. Because this dress has cute details at the collar and sleeves, you don’t need much else – just throw it on and go.


Couch Florals

Continuing on with a slightly vintage vibe, couch florals are a hit for this fall’s fashion. These prints are a great way to wear florals this season without looking too spring-time. Have fun with either big or small-scale prints in a variety of colors.

Zara Floral Print Blazer - $49.90

This blazer is a super chic way to do couch florals. It has a vintage vibe without looking like something your grandma would wear. My favorite thing about this piece is that you can wear it with anything and to anything. Pop it over a t-shirt and jeans for a cool daytime look or wear it over a little black dress for the evening. You can even try it with a white dress for an audition or daytime performance. This versatile piece is a great way to incorporate the couch floral trend that will last long after the trend is gone.



Fringe has been having a moment for some time, and this season is no different. It is all over clothes, jewelry, shoes, and just about anything else. The wonderful thing about fringe is that it comes in many different lengths and can be in any color. Go flapper with a fringe dress for a night at the opera, or try a fringe bag that will go with all of your day looks.

Nordstrom Rack BLANKNYC Denim Faux Leather Moto Jacket - $59.97

I love a motorcycle jacket for fall. It’s usually the perfect weight for the colder evenings, and it will always look polished and amazing. The fringe on this jacket is on the longer side, but it works well with this piece. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try cutting the fringe to suit your style. The fringe may be subject to fraying after you cut it, but that would just make the fringe look even cooler.



Gold is hot right now in just about every shade and anywhere on the shine spectrum as long as it is metallic. The darker gold colors seemed to be prominent on the runways, but any shade will work. Feel free to add this eye-catching hue to your wardrobe through clothes, accessories, jewelry, and shoes. Gold is a neutral, right?

Nordstrom Love, Fire Shine Cold Shoulder Top - $32

This top is a lighter shade of gold that is easier to pull off. The cold shoulder trend is still having a moment, so now you have two trends with one look. This top can easily be paired with some jeans for the day, and you can even add a slick blazer if you’re going for a more professional style. Add some tight black pants, and you’re ready to go out post-performance.



I’ll be honest, when I first saw this trend, I didn’t get it. But not only is it all over runways, it’s actually a great way to be trendy without having to get your clothes perfectly tailored. This style is all about clothes that look unfinished, recycled, and/or super relaxed. This trend was super popular a couple of years ago with ripped clothes and exposed zippers, but now it is styled in a more interesting way. The runways showed clothes being constructed in new and unusual ways by playing with shapes and exposing bits of skin without being inappropriate.

ASOS Denim Deconstructed Shirt Dress in Off White - $36 (on sale)

This shirt dress is a great way to get into this trend. It’s relaxed, has interesting cut-outs, and can be styled in various ways. Try it with some leggings for a daytime look (assuming everybody is ok with a little bit of skin), or wear it as is for a funky and relaxed weekend vibe.


Midi Length Skirts

Who doesn’t love a midi skirt? It’s a great length that is both flattering and appropriate. Midi length is somewhere between a mini skirt and a maxi skirt – it falls below the knee and above the ankle. If you’re worried about the longer length swallowing up a short frame, try a length that hits just below the knee rather than mid-calf.

eShakti Polka Dot Georgette Button Front Midi Skirt - $45.95 (on sale)

This midi skirt is a great option for so many different reasons. First, it has a neutral color palette, allowing you to wear just about any color on top. It has a fun, but simple pattern, so you can even coordinate other patterns with it. You can wear this during the day to work, at night, during the weekends, and you could even rock it at an audition. Lastly, this company hems the skirt to your height! Hallelujah! You can even pay a small fee to adjust where the skirt hits: mini length, above the knee, knee length, below the knee, ankle length, or full length. Without the extra fee, the skirt will hit mid-calf.



This is perhaps my favorite trend for this fall. Embroidery is the perfect way to add texture, color, and interest to what could otherwise be a boring outfit. Embroidery is everywhere from tops to dresses, shoes to bags, earrings to necklaces, and so on. It’s hard to go wrong with this trend as it is totally versatile and works for the daytime and the nighttime.

ModCloth Restricted Emboldened Embroidery d'Orsay Flat - $49.99

These flats are a great way to add a pop of interest to your outfit. I especially like these because the colors are so subtle you can wear them with just about anything. Try them with jeans and a top for the day, and pair them with a little black dress for the night.


The trends for this fall are fun and are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. By adding a few key pieces, you will be on trend for fall.

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