Beauty Resolutions That Help You Grow As An Artist

With 2018 beginning, many of us are thinking about resolutions. If you haven't set any yet, it's not too late!  New Year's resolutions are a great opportunity to set goals for yourself as a person, performer, and artist. Resolutions can feel daunting, but smaller, more easily attainable goals can make a huge difference in your daily life, and your beauty routine is a fantastic place to start. If you're looking for resolution inspiration this year, we've got you covered! Here are some beauty goals that will help you develop as an artist, no matter what stage.

Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is great for your skin and voice. A hydrated body feels and thinks better, and you'll be more able to handle daily tasks when your body is functioning optimally. Besides, as wonderful as anti-wrinkle and stretch mark creams are, hydration heals your whole body rather than just one symptom.


Try One New Product or Technique Every Month

Each month, try a new makeup technique or replace a product you run out of with something new. By setting a monthly goal rather than an annual one, you'll be holding yourself accountable. Being adventurous with your face will inspire confidence to be adventurous in other artistic avenues and will also make you a more versatile makeup artist, a skill which could help if you find yourself involved in a production where you need to be able to do your own makeup. You can easily take care of this goal by trying out products in sample sizes!


Clean Out Your Closet Every Season

At the end of each season, go through your closet and drawers. Did you wear everything? If not, why not? Do you need it? Get rid of what you didn't wear either through donating, selling, or throwing away (if it's in really awful shape). If, like me, you have a few items which don't get worn often because you lack the occasion to wear them, could you be renting them to other singers while you're not using them? Getting rid of old things encourages you to leave old, bad habits behind. Renting also provides a little income that might fund another audition!


Add A Weekly Mini Spa to Your Schedule

Find one day each week in which you can sacrifice an hour or two and enjoy a bath soak, in-home facial, or other personal care ritual that makes you feel like a diva! Singers lead very busy and tumultuous lives both on stage and off. Taking the time for stillness on a weekly basis will help you to refresh your focus. We can easily connect with our characters' dramatic moments, but how do they develop during the seemingly slow parts of the plot?


Focus Your Makeup Collection--Quality Over Quantity

There is so much advertising around us. If you're already adventurous with makeup and have a tendency to buy all the trendy new products out there to grow your collection, you might find yourself with a cluttered kit full of things you rarely use. Take some time in the new year to evaluate your collection just like you evaluate your closet. What are your essentials? Your favorites? Make a list of the products you frequently re-order and focus on those items when you spend. Makeup costs can accumulate quickly. Prioritize high quality, tried-and-true core products when you make a purchase. You'll save money and improve your ability to focus your creative energy to work with what you have.


Try On One Piece of Jewelry or Clothing You'd Never Buy

When wedding dress shopping, experts always advise you to try a style you said you'd never wear--because you'll never know until you see the gown on. Why not embrace this "give it a chance" mentality for your every day wardrobe? As you are replacing all those things you don't wear anymore, try at least one thing you've never been interested in wearing. You might surprise yourself! You also might prove your initial opinion right, and that's ok. You gave it a shot. Keeping an open mind will help you as you approach different types of characters, some of whom you might have thought you'd never be able to empathize with, but with whom you must find a connection in order to play them responsibly.


Choose A Brand With Philanthropic Ties

We all know singer life is expensive. As much as we're surrounded by advertising, we're also surrounded by charitable causes. It can be challenging as open-hearted artists to exist as both empathetic people and people on a budget. When you buy new beauty items, look for a brand or product with a philanthropic connection you support. That way, your purchase of an item which you need for daily life or for your career can also double as support for your chosen cause.


What are some of your goals for 2018?

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