The Perfect Holiday Gift - for Yourself!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - where you run from auditions to church jobs to caroling gigs. Even though we have the extra task of getting gifts for loved ones, why not treat yo self? After the stress of the musician's holiday season, you deserve to get yourself a gift. Seeing as this time of year has such great sales and savings, what's stopping you? Get that handbag you’ve been coveting all year or a new iPad; whatever it may be, get yourself something special. Here are some hot gift ideas for this season.


Under $50:

Roll Up Keyboard

Lujex 61 keys roll up keyboard - $44

This gift may be more functional than it is fun, but this is a great gift for the traveling musician. These roll-up keyboards are compact and you can use it in an audition, a hotel room, a dressing room, or wherever your travel may take you.


Sequined Pillow

Mermaid pillow - $30

Mermaids and unicorns are inspiring beauty and fashion trends everywhere right now. Why not add some enchanted sparkle to your décor? These pillows are customizable and include a hidden message of your choice whether it be “Divalicious,” “Queen of the Night,” “Superstar,” or anything else. By brushing your hand over the sequins, you reveal the hidden message. Magic!


Under $100:

Makeup Palette

Storybook Cosmetics - $55

Storybook Cosmetics just released this amazing Mean Girls inspired makeup palette. With colors such as she doesn’t even go here and you can’t sit with us, you can relive your teenage dreams of being in (or hating) The Plastics. These amazing and pigmented colors will have you looking fetch all season long.


Digital Recorder

Zoom H1 portable digital recorder - $99

If you’re looking for a new and exceptional recorder for a great price, look no further than the Zoom. This handheld device uses two built-in microphones and is extremely user-friendly. Most importantly, it provides great sound. Many singers use a Zoom recorder to record their lessons, practice sessions, rehearsals and audition material - and it’s easy to see why. Check out the numerous glowing reviews.


Over $100:

Touch lamps

Long distance touch lamp - $150 for the pair

This is another great gift for those who travel or are often away from their loved ones. These unique touch lamps help you re-connect to those who are far away. The lamps come in a pair, and work through Wi-Fi all over the world. You take one with you and leave the other with your loved one. A single touch of the lamp causes both lamps to glow no matter where you are.


Instant Pot

Instant Pot 9-in-1 programmable pressure cooker - $120

Insta pots are all the rage right now and are especially useful for busy people. Whether you get home late or are running late to rehearsals, instant pots are easy to use and take the guesswork out of cooking. You throw in the ingredients, click the appropriate button, and the instant pot cooks it for you in a shorter time than regular cooking. If you love food and cooking, but don’t have time, this could be the perfect gift for you.


Don't forget to get yourself something special this holiday season. You deserve it!

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