A Not So Stuffed Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is coming up, which is always delicious, but your audition dress still has to fit when you go back home! Here are some tips to not feel so "stuffed" after Thanksgiving dinner:


1. Find local events or races on Turkey Day! Check your local newspaper, online, or ask around about events or races in your area. Some events also benefit the community, so you can give back and feel mentally and physically thankful.


2. Plan your own turkey workout. With the internet, magazines, gyms, and other great resources, you can easily find a Thanksgiving themed workout. If you're not feeling a themed workout, stick with your regular routine and do your planned strength or cardio day. I would suggest doing something that gives you a little extra calorie burn so you can endulge a little!


3. Hydrate! If you're planning on getting a little tipsy with the family on Thanksgiving, make sure you hydrate. You may find yourself peeing every twenty minutes, but it's better than being dehydrated and possibly hungover! 


4. Eat throughout the day. Eating one large meal can cause your body goes into survival mode and make you feel bloated. Make sure you eat normally throughout the day so you don't shock your system. For breakfast, have oatmeal with a side of fruit, or opt for granola and yogurt. For lunch, try having a light salad or soup. If you want a snack, have some nuts, dried fruit, or raw veggies like carrots or celery. By not starving yourself, your keeping your metabolism and digestion regular.


5. Have a plan. You need a plan before walking in: How many plates am I limiting myself to? How many drinks am I limiting myself to? How much dessert am I having?  You'll thank yourself later when you took the time to say, "I'm only having two plates tonight" or "I'm only having one glass of wine." The plan allows you to go in prepared and help you make smarter decisions.


6. What kind of plan? They type of plan you make for yourself depends on your goals for the week or month. Do you have a gig the next day? Or maybe the following week? Do you need to avoid alcohol or a lot of dairy? Maybe focus on having more of the main dishes and less side dishes, or vice versa. Consider having more vegetables on your plate than mashed potatoes. Your personal fitness goals and dietary needs should definitely be included in your Thanksgiving dinner plan.


7. Create a way to keep yourself in check. Whether that be logging in how much food you are eating with MyFitnessPal, sending snap chats to your friends and gym buddies on what you're putting on your plate, or maybe not wearing those super baggy pants to dinner can help you keep yourself accountable. Why am I mentioning this? The idea of a cheat meal like Thanksgiving can be extremely tempting, but can also hinder one's goals. If one of your goals for audition season is to maintain your weight because you have a dress or suit to wear, having a plan and system can help you treat Thanksgiving like any other meal.


8. If you do feel bloated, how can you feel better? Teas like "Gas Relief", "Debloating", or mint tea can help you feel not as bloated. Certain yoga poses can also ease your tummy from any pain, so try a light amount of yoga after dinner if you need to.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!

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