Traveling Track Workout

You're always traveling for auditions and gigs, so why not train while you travel?! Here's a workout you can use while running on the track that won't take much time and gets those lungs pumped for that audition! This warmup and workout has generally taken me about 45 minutes to complete. If I really push myself, I can get it to 38-40 minutes, but I'm not an avid runner! This workout is great for when you want a workout that's easy to remember and needs little to no equipment.


What this does:

This is high intensity for short bursts of time between each straightaway and corner. The short rest time allows your body to recover, catch your breath, and continue. This workout is great for heart health and stamina training. This workout is helpful for singing because if you are expected to sing while doing lots of physical movement, like in musicals or dance scenes, your lungs need to recover quickly to continue at such a strenous pace.


What you'll need:

  • Running shoes- I personally love putting insoles in my shoes for extra padding and support.
  • Music to keep you going
  • Comfortable running gear
  • Watch or timer
  • BONUS: Heart Rate Monitor



Take a lap around an indoor track or outside. Be sure you don't work too hard on the warmup, but rather get your heart rate going at a comfortably higher rate. If you are having trouble regulating your breathing, breathe through your nose and out through your mouth.



  • Start right before the track starts to curve
  • Jog the corners. Take it easy on the curvy areas of the track. If you can't quite jog yet, take a very brisk walking pace.
  • Sprint the straightaways. Go HAM! Sprint the straight lines as if you have a zombie running after you!

Repeat 6 times. Total: 1.5 miles around the track, or 6 laps


Cool down:

  • 2 laps of slow jogging or brisk walking. You've earned it! You might be sweating and feeling as if your legs are jelly! But whatever you do, DON'T STOP! Get that heart rate down with some slow jogging or brisk walking. It's important to gradually bring your heart down to not risk injury.


  • Finish off with slow stretching for your hamstrings, feet, and glutes.


Some stretches we recommend:

  • Deep lunges
  • Toe Touch
  • Lie down on your back and bring one knee into your chest. Feel the burn in your booty! And switch to the other leg.
  • Stand with feet side by side with one foot slightly in front of the other. Slowly bend over that front leg and feel the stretch in your hamstring. Repeat on the other leg.


What's your favorite workout on the track?

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