An Opera Singer Tries: Zumba!

I am a bit of a fitness nut! I am in my early 20's, about 5'4'', a vegetarian, and live a healthy lifestyle. I was a competitive swimmer for twelve years, played waterpolo for four years, boxed for four years in college, and dabbled in HIIT, weightlifting, and muay thai. I also recently completed a Burpee 5k this October, so I am sometimes a bit crazy with my fitness. I am by no means a personal trainer, but I am a gym rat, fitness lover, adventure junkie, and I love to try new workouts whenever I get the chance! I tried Zumba on the Wii back in the day, but I wasn't confident that I was getting all the moves correctly. Plus, watching a virtual instructor wasn't as helpful as working with someone in real life. My friend was teaching a Zumba class at a Crunch gym so I decided to go check it out!


What you'll need:

  • Towel- You'll be sweating a lot!
  • Bottle of water
  • Sneakers
  • Comfortable clothes to dance in


 I made sure to warm up with a light work out before Zumba class. Then, the craziness began...

I know how to dance salsa, merengue, and bachata, but was a little initimidated by the other women in the room who seemed to have been dancing for longer. I was thankful enough to have an instructor who was all about keeping the energy up and making sure everyone was having a good time, and I was more focused on the instructor's movements than on watching myself in the mirror.



It's very easy to lose track of time in Zumba class. As someone who regularly does interval training, I've trained myself to constantly watch the clock for my next set or time my minute break. However, Zumba was so much fun that I didn't even realize we were half way done until I heard a lady next to me mention it. I also wear a heart rate monitor that not only times my workout, but shows me how many calories I've burned and what my heart rate is. I burned a total of 660 calories in 01:26:34. Not half bad for about ninety minutes of sweat!




  • Fun, playful atmosphere
  • Catchy music to dance to
  • Anyone can try it and succeed
  • No incorrect way of doing it and can move your body the way you want to
  • You use your own bodyweight; no need for special equipment
  • Burn calories at a fast rate



  • If you're not good at picking up choreography, you may have a bit of trouble
  • If you want to do your own choreography, this may not be as fun for you
  • You may not be able to see in the instructor the whole time
  • If you're not a fan of group classes, this may not be for you
  • You might need a gym membership to go to a group Zumba class
  • Focuses primarily on cardio
  • Depending on your location, finding a class that manages your schedule can be difficult


Why it's good for singers:

  • Stregthens choreography skills, which is important in our business as singers
  • Does not negatively affect breathing
  • Does not negatively affect posture
  • You can find videos online that you can easily do in a hotel room
  • Zumba classes are offered at a ton of gyms around the country
  • Works on core, butt, and leg muscles without putting too much strain on them


It's a fun, high-paced workout that doesn't even feel like a workout! If you want to dance and grab a few friends to join in, this can be a great experience!

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