Gianni Schicchi Themed Workout

Gianni Schicchi exercises his brain with quick thinking and wittiness to outsmart Buoso's relatives. But how does Gianni Schicchi keep in such good shape that he can throw the relatives out of his new home? With this workout, of course!


Any time someone says...

Do this exercise

Gianni Schicchi

5 Jump Squats


6 Jumping Lunges

Anytime someone whispers

20 High Knees

Anytime the relatives weep profusely

10 Bridges


5 Pike Pushups

Il testamento

10 Air Punches

“La mula”

15 Donkey Kicks

Anytime someone calls someone “vecchio/vecchia”

15 Inchworms

“Calendi maggio”

15 X Jumps

“Addio speranza bella…”

15 Plank Jacks

“Addio Firenze”

20 Double Crunches

Anytime someone bribes Schicchi

10 Burpees


5 Tuck Jumps


Just be careful of your hands! You don't want to lose them! "Addio Firenze..." Enjoy the workout!

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